Vis full versjon : V70 2001 front noise

30/04/18, 15:59
I bought V70 for wife to get more confident in driving. A safe, simple, good car.

During weekend we drove the car and it started to make clicking noise on the front left. The sound has not been there earlier, we have driven 700km so far. It makes a ticking sound where the frequency of the tick corresponds to the speed of the car. The sound does not happen when accelerating but does appear when coasting (steady speed) or when engine breaking (engine breaking triggers the sound and it is the loudest during engine breaking). The sound does not happen when wheels are turned but only when they are straight (or between certain semi-straight angle). Changing to different gears or having the clutch down, makes no difference to the sound. Breaking does not affect the sound either.

The sound started when my wife drove, not being experienced, and the ETM has slightly bad zone at low rpm, so she did lot of acceleration/deceleration cycles and not super-smooth driving like experienced driver. I guess this ramming (and the quite bumpy road agitated the car) My guess is that it could be the joint on the left side drive shaft, CV axle or whatever it is called, the part transferring the torque to the wheel from gearbox.

On the way back I drove (more smoothly and on better roads) and gradually the sound got more and more silent and almost unnoticeable.

Anyway I am interested to hear if anyone has ideas of the cause. Also recommendations on where to have it fixed for cheap. If it is the shaft, it is quite easy to replace, no? I have no place/tools to fix it myself. The part itself is quite expensive if one buys new one. So aftermarket parts could be good option for me. OR is it possible to take it off, clean, add new grease and some rubber bushings set to protect it? The part would not need to last long, I do not plan to use the car for more than a year. So any advice or recommendations or offers would be much appreciated.

I will after work today check the condition of the rubber bushing that keeps the axle grease in and dirt out, it should be broken if I'm right about the cause?

03/05/18, 09:14
The car now sounds pretty crazy with all the rattle and bang, scared to drive really. I bought Jekk og St√łttebukk so I can do proper checkup. The car went really fast from completely ok to horrific, interesting to see what is wrong. Biltema sells lot of spares for cheap, I guess they are crap quality but I only plan to use the car until wife is more skilled and confident driver, then it is time for upgrade.

03/05/18, 17:36
The axle joint from Biltema is good enough quality for you, if you're gonna use the car for just a year or so.

03/05/18, 21:52
Could be a cracked abs ring aswell?
Edit: Or that would probably cause a abs lamp...