Vis full versjon : V70 2001 seats

26/04/18, 13:22

I'm considering changing the seats, and the car has manually adjustable seats. Is it possible to use electrically adjusted seats for the change or does it have to be manual seats? Is there power outlet/plug for adjustable seats in the V70 with the manual seats? I recon the electric seats only need 24VDC power to run the seat-adjustment engines, so maybe it is possible to route power to them, it is not too complicated, but I would rather not my back isn't in a shape for much repairs.

My pure guess is that the plug bringing the power to the seat heating also has pins for the seat electrical adjustment system regardless if the car originally had electric seats or not. Does anyone know?

26/04/18, 13:30
I'm pretty sure you can jusy supply voltage to the seat connector (12V DC, not 24V) and it should work. Maybe make it a switched source so that the seat module doesn't draw power when the key is out. I do think you'l have to load software to retain the memory function though, since this normally adjusts electric wing mirrors as well. Someone else might be able to shine some light on it, maybe Morgis can chime in?

26/04/18, 14:00
I had electric driver seat in my 07, and changed from manual to electric passenger, wires already in the car.
The seats will work with a 12v supply, but memory with the key will not work.

27/04/18, 10:41
Thanks guys!