Vis full versjon : 960: B204FT and the issues with the pistons.

17/09/16, 13:42
Hello guys,
I am rebuilding a B204FT for a friend of mine and am facing some issues. The engine itself needs the first oversize pistons and rings, but the problem is that I can't find any OEM solution in almost any Swedish / German / State-side webshop I know and use when am in hunt for parts for my 230 (which is problem). Limiting factor is that the guy is on a budget too, so I would like to avoid any high cost build options.

The question is - what are the possible problems I should be aware of if I decide to bore the 204 block to 230 specs and simply use the pistons from, let's say, 230FT (with valve relieves made on them for the 16v head) or just the same pistons from the B234? I've been talking to several people on the net about this build option and there is an information that the 204 blocks suffer from bore flex and possible blow by if you do a heavy overbore. Other suggestion was to use the B200FT pistons (in the 204FT block), however I didn't had time to check the technical info on both engines to understand whether that is technically possible. As a third solution, I have a 234 shortblock lying around, so ... You, hopefully, got the idea. :)

Anyway, at the moment I would prefer to use the same block 204 shortblock (as I quite like it) and would like to avoid the "usual" 230 8v shortblock + 16v head transformation.

Maybe you, guys, would suggest some kind of solution (the webshop or any person who might be able to help me to source the necessary set of pistons for this engine) or any information from the perspective of your experience with the redblocks?

Any help and input will be really, really appreciated.