Vis full versjon : 760 1990 outdoor thermometer scheme

Brus Jakob
22/02/15, 13:20
Hi all!

I'm looking for a scheme for an outside/outdoor temperature gauge or information on which plug I did come.

Installation and connection thermo gauge is very simple but in my mk2 764 turbo '90 there is an 8 port female plug which looks like thermo gauge plug but it has two hot all time wires number 4 & 6 in plug.
It is located on the right side of dash linked with instrument panel wires.

All of wires in female plug are:
1- Black
2- Green/Blue
3- Green
4- Red
5- Yellow
6- Red
7- Black/Blue
8- Empty

And in the outside thermo gauge 8 port male plug wires are arranged like this:
1- Black
2- Empty
3- Green/Red
4- Yellow/White
5- Green/Yellow
6- Empty
7- Black/Brown
8- Orange

Can anyone tell me if my 764 has oem outside temperature plug and what is that plug which i came on.

Best regards from winterless Poland.

It turned out that was hazard switch plug.