Vis full versjon : Replacement upper light needed for after market lights

30/05/14, 12:27
I dont suppose any of you know where I can get a replacement upper left rear light for these do you?. I bought a set recently second hand and on arrival the upper light had been damaged in the post and already had a mounting bolt missing. I've tried the supplier in the Uk but they just tell me that they're no longer being made.

http://forum.vccn.no/img-dump/2014/05/1492.jpg (http://s375.photobucket.com/user/volvo850t5r/media/10386947_10152871817167923_3851847236120078544_o_z ps040a87e7.jpg.html)

New or second hand will do..

Anders Dybvadsskog
14/06/14, 17:28
A friend att work have a set of those i think..

03/08/14, 00:23
Sorry for the late reply, I forgot I posted this on here. All sorted now thanks, I managed to get another set localy.