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18/09/11, 04:28

First thing wanted to apologize if its wrong place to post that, but it seems, that I haven't got wright status on this board to advertise in wright place.

So.. lets get cracking :)

I run webshop with performance stuff for older models of our bricks - up to 1999. Here is the link to my FB page, feel free to browse it:


You will find there galleries with graphics of stuff that I sell. Prices even with postage to Norway are competitive to what you will find in your country. At this stage I would like to point out, that companies I represent have more than 5 - 10 years of experience in manufacturing rally/competition gear. My prices are competitive due to cheaper labor in Poland - not poor material used.

At the moment I can quote you for:
- adjustable cam wheels
- oil cath tanks
- short shifters
- brake adaptors (if you want to fit 4 piston ones to your brick)
- spacers (wheels, driveshaft, steering wheel),
- poli bushes (suspention, engine)
- control arm struts
- BOV's (stuff from USA is 100 years behing my stuff)
- inlet gaskets

in very near future u will be able to buy as well:
- camberplates
- coilovers

Apart of that I'm able to quote you for anything what requires being hand made:
- looking for weird size pulleys?
- parts of suspention for rally or competition? Not interested in paying $800 for kaplhenke's Race Spec Control Arms (+ postage + tax + duty etc)? I can do them for 600 all inc with postage!
- braces?
- tower braces?
- sway bars?
- bla bla bla???

I guarantee to be cheaper than any manufacturer in Norway/Sweden (u ppl have sick prices btw : D ) and provide you with exactly same quality of a final product.

If yo do have any questions, pls inquire through Facebook, as here I don't have (now) enough posts to reply to PM messages.

19/09/11, 23:42
Interesting :D

And welcome to VCCN ;)

gull pilen
28/09/11, 11:56
do you have your own web page for users as myself that dont have facebook??

29/09/11, 00:53
According to his latest update: Retro Turbo
is sorting out their web store. 10000s options is giving a head ache...

12/03/12, 01:31

Webstore is being sorted... it takes ages unfortunatelly. Designated domain will be www.retroturbo.com

btw. You can browse FB page without having an FB account :>

Havent posted here, as awaiting for a ''go ahead'' VCCN administrator... awaiting for some time know, so will use this space just for updates now.

Kind regards, Peter

12/03/12, 11:39
Havent posted here, as awaiting for a ''go ahead'' VCCN administrator... awaiting for some time know, so will use this space just for updates now.

Kind regards, Peter

We didn't quite reach an aggreement, but we can try again :)

22/03/14, 15:46

We do have a Volvo 242 Group-A T-Shirt on sale a the moment. Still collecting orders before it all goes to print.

It has a custom made graphic that is being printed using a state of the art CMYK DTG printer on a 195gms 100% preshrunk cotton! T-Shirts used are 'Fruit of the Loom'.

It is only time if you want to get this one in size 'S'.

Here is the link to the webstore:

At the moment price works out at 21.80GBP but if I manage to sell over a 100 of them it will drop to 19GBP.

Below is the quick size list:
- Small: width-51cm/lenght-66
- Medium: width-53cm/lenght-70
- Large: width-56cm/lenght-72
- Xtra Large: width-59cm/lenght-74
- X2 large: width-61cm/lenght-76
- X3 Large: width-64cm/lenght-78

For ppl from outside the UK here is the link to postage rates:

Alternatively you can get it from eBay, but it works out more expensive:

Here you have how the design looks like:

And here is me personally in it:

If you do have any questions regarding the item, I'm happy to help at peter@retroturbo.com